Friday, June 29, 2012

Greatness starts with a plan!

Well, in my world anyway! I am such a planner. Since running my first 5k in May, I have decided that I wanted to keep going. . . keep improving.

I have been searching the web for training programs that could help me improve. I have finally decided to just create my own and tweak what I have found online to work for my life.

I ran my first 5k in 39:21. It was a cold, rainy, windy day in May!

My Goal: Improve my pace from 12:40 to 11:40 (Finish around the 35 minute mark) I think this is totally do-able!

My Timeframe: 3-4 Months

My Plan:
Monday - XT (Cycling)
Tuesday - Run 3 miles at 11:40 pace
Wednesday - XT (Cycling)
Thursday - Run 3 miles at 11:40 pace
Friday - REST or XT
Saturday - Run 4 miles at an easy pace
Sunday - REST

This is probably not how the professionals would do it, but since I am not a professional, that is ok! I may need to adjust the days around. I want to work on being consistent in my running from week to week. But, the schedule also has to work around my family and work obligations!

I have two more 5k's scheduled - August 11th and September 8th!

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